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12 mai 2014

Yesterday, when I saw the results and the point with Victory Move team, I prefer to give you the ranking without them ’cause this ranking give you the name of the team who will be in Padova.
But, today it seems important to give you more details about what happened.
Here the explanation by Greg Van Barben who sub René in Victory Move.

« For those interested in the full results of the french qualifiers this WE.

I sub René in VIctory Move, but unfortunately Yorgo injured himself the day previous the tournament so the team have to find a last minute sub for him. 

As 2/3 of the original line up of VIctory Move (Dadou/Rene/Yorgo) can’t play the tournament, this was not able to qualify for the Euros. 

However we fought the all WE on the court to play the best polo we can, so I don’t think Victory Move should desepear from the scoreboard like that, I think what my teamate done on the court was amazing and have to be shown. 

Congratulations, to David and Kevin, you were amazing this WE, you fight from the first second of the first game to the last second of the last game, this 2nd place is well deserved, you can be proud of it, I was proud to be part of this team. 

PS : I heard many people complaining about the fact Victory Moved played this WE, despite this team can qualify, so I’ll just say, that the first penalized, was Dadou, he worked hard the whole season, to learn he won’t be able to qualify 12h before the beginning of the qualifiers. And this injury helped my friends from UTOPISTS – LYON BIKE POLO to go to the Euros, and the rising team Témoi Les Nichons to have a spot a the wildcard (wich I have a no doubt the gonna convert in a qualification for the main tournament. To conclude, stop complain, the only robbed on this situation is Dadou. »

And what several peoples think: 
« Well played guys, was nice to see that the French level is still that high! Since you talked about it: i love you and Dadou but i hope this it the last time we saw a case last this in a qualifier. Except the fact that this is very sad for Dadou i don’t see the point of having a team playing a qualifier while knowing that that team is already not qualified. The next team on the list should have played, so no, Dadou isn’t the only one robbed. Anyway, i guess the choice must have been made in a rush and it wasn’t easy for anyone. » Quentin Bailat.

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