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2 novembre 2014

In case you’ve missed these videos, have a look of what you should see this week.

« We ride with Passion » shows us the way and the philosophy of that great brand, San Marco

San Marco – We ride with passion! (Full Version) from San Marco on Vimeo.

Trailer of the film about the international Team Cinelli Chrome. Can’t wait the entire film !

Team Cinelli Chrome – Disruptive by Nature – a season, a trailer from Cinelli Official on Vimeo.

To finish, two videos about the way of Wolfpack Hustle and how they grew up in bike. The first one is to remember us where there from and the second is about where they are now.

Wolfpack Hustle: The Unified Title Series 2014 from Wolfpack Hustle on Vimeo.

Wolfpack Hustle: The All Out War Format from Wolfpack Hustle on Vimeo.

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