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16 septembre 2014

I heard about Gijon long time ago, and honestly, after Puerto Rico, it was pretty impossible to miss that Crit ! So, I left with Sven, Charlotte et Tim by car. After 12 hours of driving, crossing France and a part of the Spanish north coast Spain, we arrived in Gijon. As I imagined, Gijon is a typical Spainish city of this side of the country. 
The crit was a great opportunity to meet plenty of spanish riders that I never met before. A great opportunity as well to meet in real life the so nice Raw Cycling Crew and the amazing Dosnoventa family. All of you guys, I love you !

The crit was pretty intense and the mix between ex pro-racer and unpro gave another flavor at this crit. Since not so long, many teams appeared on the scene and started to work together like pro teams. The chase group was fast and tried to do his best to fill the gap between the two leading riders/

It was such a pleasure to share that time with great friends and I dont know why but, Spain has this craziness and the afterparty was totally insane !!! Probably the best party after a race I ever had ! 

Hope to see you next year !

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