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19 août 2013

After 2 finals, Beavers Bros won against Guardians.
Congrats guys, you did it once again!

1st Beavers (Eric, Brian, Joey SF)
2nd The Guardians (Cody, julian, Dustin SEA)
3rd The Assassins (Joe, kouyo, Evan SEA)
4th Portland United (Jason, Arlyn, Eric PDX)
5th Big Country (Alex, Rory VAN, Henry VIC)
5th the Makers Y’all (Greg CHI, Nick LEX, Ben MKE)
7th The Greens (Christopher ATL, Nic COMO, Adam TO)
7th The Control (Forest ?, Andrew CRZ, Ace NYC)
9th White Fang (Addison, Tyler, James BOS)
9th D G T (Jake BOS, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
9th Los Cuatreros (Israel ?, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC)
9th Mosquito (Daren EDM, Duane REG, Will SKN)
13th Thunder Buddies (Matt, scooter SEA, Martin VAN)
13th Journeymen (Allan, Robie OTT, Nick TO)
13th The Means (Chris NYC, alexis OTT, Nick RVA)
13th KMANG (Matt CHI, Ngaihon, kev TO)
17th Team Ginyu Force (Chris, Arnold, Bob TLH)
17th Three Bucks (Eric ATL, David, Peter CBUS)
17th Magic Toast (nate, Zach, Paul NYC)
17th Short Short Shorties (paul, Sean, Stiven SEA)
17th Ghost Wolves (Bob, Zach ATX, Maxxx SEA)
17th Call Me Laddy (Brodie, Seamus OTT, Luke TO)
17th The Breaknecks (Charlie, Nick COMO, Nick MPLS)
17th Bill Murray (Emmet LDN, jake SAC, Sterling SEA)
25th Grumpy Town (Leon, Drew, Andre’ SEA)
25th Fire Truck (AB ?, Zack, Robby BTV)
25th Broken Bones (Adam, Brett, Graham MEM)
25th Polo Bred Piranhas (AJ, Jacob, Mailman PHX)
25th Cyclopaths (Tony, Benjamin, Marc DAV)
25th 911 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
25th Mo’ Staches, Mo’ Problems (Rob, Chris CHI, Aaron COMO)
25th The Lone Rangers (jake, Matt, Guthrie MKE)

MVP Joey SF.

© ?

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