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14 juillet 2014


This week-end was also an insane wee-end for Bike Polo community with the most famous tournament of United States, the NAHPBC. After a serious injury, Kremin gave up, and Chris Simpson has continued the tournament with Brian and Joey. Despite this accident for the third time Beavers Boys won the NAH tournament after two finals against Portland United.

photo: Kiberlilah

Here the full results.

  • 1st Beavers (Chris MKE, Eric, Brian, Joey SF)
  • 2nd Portland United (Arlyn, pete, Eric PDX)
  • 3rd The Guardians (Cody, Julian, Dustin SEA)
  • 4th The Ringers (Nick Philly, Redbeard SEA, Pierre SF)
  • 5th Warriors (Sean, Elijah, Stiven SEA)
  • 5th Los Cuatreros Unidos (Miguel, Robert, Andrew ATX)
  • 7th The Control (Shitty, Forrest, Ace SF)
  • 7th Three Bucks (Peter, David CBUS, Eric LEX)
  • 9th Prospectors (Air In Hand, Fletcher, Drew PDX)
  • 9th Mosquito (Will, Daren, Duane SKN)
  • 9th The Assassins (Rob NYC, kouyo, Joe SEA)
  • 9th The Cucumbers (jake, scooter, Sterling SEA)
  • 13th Ginyu Force (Christopher, Arnold, Del Gato TLH)
  • 13th White Fang (Fang, Jake, Fang BOS)
  • 13th Brigands (Jonathan ANC, Adam ARB, Sam MPLS)
  • 13th Los Tranquilos (Mags, Charlie COMO, Hams LEX)
  • 17th Corvus (Horse LNS, Rob Philly, Sprinks RVA)
  • 17th Pass Aggressive (Vince, Mick, Dana PDX)
  • 17th Niño Dios (Yair, Raúl, Nacho GDL)
  • 17th Sweethearts (Maxxx, Leon, Anthony SEA)
  • 17th Dauphins (Jacques, Kevin, Bernard MOLO)
  • 17th Polosophes (Jonathan CHI, Franck, Olivier MTL)
  • 17th the taint sabers (Jody, Matthias pepper, nicolas SF)
  • 17th Milwaukee, Eh? (Guthrie, shaggy, Jordan MKE)
  • 21st Passless Chaps (Dave, JB, Zach WPG)
  • 21st Perros Gringos (Zach, Bob ATX, Diego HOU)
  • 21st Ratking (Natred, Zach NYC, Dirkbag TO)
  • 21st Broken Bones (Adam, Brett, Graham MEM)

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