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17 septembre 2015


Once again, Maxime Poisson and the NMC did an amazing job to host us for a week-end. With not only a crit, this week-end gave the opportunity to the riders, friends and volunteers to share several events and races.

After a nice welcome party, rendez-vous on Saturday morning for the first part of the Omnium Race: the 1k sprint. Only one rider per team is allowed to compete. One by one the riders try to get the best time, with probably, one idea in mind, beat Mario Paz Duque. But, guess what… he won ! Mario seems to be invincible ! 2nd François Février, 3rd Thibaut Lhenry.

IMG_5458 IMG_5479 IMG_5488 IMG_5499 IMG_5531 IMG_5562 IMG_5565 IMG_5586 IMG_5592 IMG_5602 IMG_5604 IMG_5607 IMG_5611 IMG_5612 IMG_5632 IMG_5641

The rest of the day was fucked by the rain and we didn’t have any other solution than to chill with the Tattas crew. Who is the Tattas crew ? Well, most of them are from Netherlands (Yvo, Fish, Fred, Piet, Nathalie, Ashley), a lovely couple from Puerto Rico (Manuel and Crystal) and our bike fashion designers half french, half Croatian, half Polish, Sven and Charlotte from Warsaw Cycling and the one and only Canadia, Josh Tyrrell. Why Tatta ? Ask Yvo to explain it to you next time you see him.


After dinner, we went to the Gold Sprint party in the city center. It’s always fun to see guys pedaling like hell, close to vomiting. Anyway, the main thing in this party was to meet again and meet new people from all over France and Europe. I haven’t seen people for over a year ! The italien guys from the Team Cinelli Chrome arrive with David Trimble. One of the rare moments where he can be relaxed, without any pressure on his shoulders during a crit week-end.

Early Sunday morning the house awakes for the Up Hill race. Second part of the Omnium. The idea : climb a street in Dijon about 1,6k with an average of 8%  gradient and two parts at 14%… With the Tattas, we find a spot close to the arrival, somewhere where the riders will be almost dead… Prognostic: Mmhhh maybe Mario doesn’t have the strongest legs for this race. Thibault might win considering his past as VTT rider. A few minutes after, guess who we see in front, in a breakaway from the pack, Mario. Without a doubt he’s going to win the race and his second bike of the week-end.

IMG_5754 IMG_5751 IMG_5734 IMG_5714 IMG_5721 IMG_5722 IMG_5730 IMG_5733 IMG_5707

On the arrival area, the guys continue to pedal to keep their legs warm. Some of them are lying down without enough energy on their legs to stay up. Podium: 1st Mario Paz Duque. 2nd Tim Ceresa. 3rd François-Xavier Blanc.

IMG_5786 IMG_5799 IMG_5801 IMG_5803 IMG_5806 IMG_5814 IMG_5824 IMG_5832 IMG_5843 1

Back home to get food, fixe bikes and get ready for THE race.


IMG_5928 IMG_5892IMG_5902IMG_5920

The weather seems nice and there are no clouds around. The Tattas crew find its space on the Zenith parking, put the rollers on the ground, make a last check on the bike…

IMG_6081 IMG_6078 IMG_6073 IMG_5985

and friends are around…

IMG_5935 IMG_5940 IMG_5989 IMG_6188 IMG_6363

The qualifiers have just started and some riders have already impressed us. Like Simon Andraca from the Team Triangle who get the fifth best time of the qualifiers ! The National Moutarde Crit is only his 2nd crit, and the first one with a qualifying race. The other good surprise is one of the Tattas guy, Thomas Jacobs. After a 26th place at the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona, he comes 10th in Dijon. Oh wait and also Pierre Barbe, this guy seems strong on his bike !

IMG_6051 IMG_6353IMG_6292IMG_6619

On the girls side, Ashley Faye, Jo Celso, Appoline Guillemin, Stefania Baldi, Eleonore Saraiva and Charlotte Sieradzka take the top 6.

IMG_6200 IMG_6216 IMG_6229 IMG_6257 IMG_6269

The final B starts under the rain, it reminds us of a certain Red Hook Cirt in Brooklyn last year… The sky is dark and we get more and more drenched. After a few laps Alexandre Azzoli from Team Triangle leads the race and he’ll never give his place to the runner up. He easily wins !

IMG_6397 IMG_6400 IMG_6407 IMG_6433 IMG_6440IMG_6445IMG_6449IMG_6479IMG_6494

No time to warm up, the women’s race has already started. With a determined look they make their first pedal stroke in the rain. Rapidly 6 girls break away from the pack. Charlotte will keep her 6th place safe. Ashley crashes, but she never gives up, even against Eleonore, Jo and Stefania’s attacks. She’s here to win and she’s going to win. « I won I won » she says… she can’t even believe it, she crashed two times and she wins ! All the Tattas come around to congratulate her !

IMG_6533 IMG_6539 IMG_6552 IMG_6598 IMG_6611 IMG_6628

After several hugs, the men join the starting line. David Trimble is next to Maxime Poisson to give instructions and advise in english for the Final A. It was funny to hear his voice here in Dijon, and not on the Red Hook Crit as usual.


The Tattas crew are doing well. Thomas is in the front, Yvo and Manuel pedal hard. Unfortunately Fred and Piet can’t finish the race. The rain is falling harder and harder. The riders glasses are full of water drops, I don’t even know how they can go so fast with these weather conditions. For 3 or 4 laps Simon leads the pack but then he runs out of energy an looses the lead, but he will keep his place in the top 10. Josh loses the front and he continues alone. Fish is far now. At the head of the race there is a group of riders taking turns at the front to help keep their lead. Tim seems really strong and is taking the lead. He doesn’t give any chance to the other riders to take the 1st in the last laps. Last year he got the 9th and took part of the 8Bar team as 1st rider without sponsor. One year ago he’s back and win the National Moutarde Crit ! What a good job he’s done !

IMG_6642 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6655 IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6673 IMG_6686 IMG_6695 IMG_6706 IMG_6775 IMG_6799 IMG_6821 IMG_6842 IMG_6856 IMG_6897 IMG_6916 IMG_6924 IMG_6930


Omnium results

1st Mario Paz Duque

2nd Tim Ceresa

3rd Thibaud Lhenry



Women results

1st Ashley Faye

2nd Eleonore Sraiva

3rd Jo Celso



Men results

1st Tim Ceresa

2nd Augusto Reati

3rd Thoams Jacobs



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