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24 novembre 2015

IMG_0813I felt so lucky when Raffaele contacted me to tell me he would be in Paris for the openning of the Rapha pop up store. Raffa is italian and he has been working in London at the Rapha Club for a year. He came to help Franzie and the others guys from Amsterdam, Manchester and San Francisco to open this amazing pop up store.IMG_0843IMG_0823 IMG_0863Raffaele is a strong racer whit a true vision of what is the bike and how to improve its development. He’s a real competitor and bike blows him away. He used to be a pro racer back in Italy, but after few years he decided to race only for fun and pleasure. This is how he started to be involved in Red Hook Crit races tree years ago. He rode, first, with Iride Modena in 2013. The following year with Frenk Martucci they started Back2back Bikes :100% Italians products ! In 2014 the team had grown and many riders got involved in the team. In 2016, Raffa will take part of the 5th Floor Team for track and road bike. He has plans for crit series with a new team but it’s still secret for the moment.

Here is the shooting we’ve done for the announcement of his arrival in the 5th Floor Team.

IMG_0821IMG_0795IMG_0732IMG_0802 IMG_0758IMG_0673IMG_0662IMG_0751IMG_0690

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