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3 août 2015

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to shoot the latest skin suit and kit of my friends Warsawcyling. Totally different than the floral kit, it was quite challenging to create a new kit. They wanted to create something that would be easier to wear but still something that would stand out by its design.Why waves? Because they had the idea for a while in their heads and they thought that the wavy design pattern with the colors we picked would look awesome!

IMG_2438 IMG_2434 IMG_2416 IMG_2404  IMG_2319 IMG_2328 IMG_2340

IMG_2311 IMG_2343 IMG_2350

IMG_2378  IMG_2371IMG_2391

IMG_2451   IMG_2268IMG_2096 IMG_2263 IMG_2260  IMG_2159  IMG_2115 IMG_2017 IMG_2012 IMG_2083 IMG_2066 IMG_2070

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